How Nonprofits Can Purposely Take Command of Their Finances

Budgeting with Intentionality

Making informed and responsible decisions are key to managing a nonprofit. To excel and make a tremendous impact in the community, nonprofits must have clear direction and disciplined control when it comes to their finances. While many staff members and volunteers are passionate about the vision and mission of your nonprofit, not every organization has the personnel or resources to properly manage the budget. However, by prioritizing this department, your organization will position itself to make the most of its efforts. From our CPA professionals, below are a few tips for Atlanta nonprofit executives to consider when managing their organization’s finances.

3 Approaches for Managing a Nonprofit’s Finances

1. Get on the Same PageAtlanta CPA

Everyone on your team may share the same goals when it comes to your nonprofit’s mission. That said, does everyone have the same plan to reach those goals? Have a clear understanding of where your foundation is headed and what adjustments necessary for success. The executives need an aligned perspective about the organization’s direction to manage its finances and expenditures with intentionality. With a consistent vision from leadership, maintain a reasonable perspective of what is needed to make your mission a reality with considerations to growth, budget, and purpose.

2. Set Realistic Expectations

Each nonprofit has its own personality; just like people, no two organizations are the same. Many nonprofits have limited resources that push them to make creative financial decisions. Other foundations may have a large budget with major expenditures every year. Assess the unique needs of your nonprofit’s mission to properly optimize and manage your finances. In some cases, this may mean being resourceful and frugal, but this isn’t necessary for every organization. Understand your nonprofit’s personality and have realistic expectations on how little or how much to invest to make an impact.

3. Consult with a CPA FirmAtlanta CPA

Nonprofit work wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of dedicated people. As they say, many hands make for light work. Between staff members and volunteers, people pitch in where they can to help out. Everyone has a different specialty, and your organization may not have an in-house financial specialist. Ensure your organization’s accounting is done properly by meeting with a CPA Firm. Doing so will keep your nonprofit compliant with the IRS and also talk through best practices for managing a budget. As an Atlanta-based Firm, we at BMC care about the wellbeing of your organization and would be happy to assist with your CPA and accounting needs.

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