Is Your Business on Track for Year-End?

Ensuring Success in the Fiscal 3rd Quarter

As summer progresses, businesses are now deeper into the fiscal year. For organizations that publish quarterly or annual financial reports, the third quarter is a critical time to evaluate the progress made in previous months and strategize what to prioritize going forward. This is an opportunity to hold your organization accountable in drafting a plan and implementing best practices for success. As a highly trusted CPA firm in Atlanta, we identify the goals and accounting ideals businesses should adopt as they approach year-end reporting.

A Method for Year-End Success

atlanta cpa accounting firmEvaluate Your Year to This Point

Take an objective look at the first half of the year and assess how to improve. Was your organization as financially efficient as it could have been? Be critical in determining which expenditures had a valuable return on investment. For the most accurate results during this process, consider investing in an audit. A focused third-party accounting firm will provide your organization with feedback that reveals what has worked and what needs to be adjusted.

Make Adjustments Where Needed

Making a fair evaluation of your organization’s first two quarters is an opportunity to adjust for a strong year-end. While this is a chance to make corrections, also recognize the sound decisions that were made. That said, seek for improvements to apply during the second half of the year. Be cautious not to overcorrect—rather, fine tune your organization’s financial habits, practices, or more. Think of this as a time to revise or alter, not to completely restructure or make severe adjustments unless necessary.

atlanta cpa accounting firmEstablish a Plan and Assign Roles

With goals in place, stay on track with a prudent plan. Be informed and be clear when designing and executing a strategy to close out the year. The closing quarters always seem to go by fast considering the holidays and other year-end essentials. This is a time to have urgency and stay focused. In looking ahead, find a trustworthy partner for reliable year-end reporting. BMC, an Atlanta-based CPA Firm, offers reporting and other accounting services for businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations.

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Five Star Review“Over the years, Brooks, McGinnis has gotten to know our work very well and understands our goals as a growing nonprofit. Not only are the audit team members focused on our current financial situation, but they have identified areas where we could improve our practices within the limitations of our small staff. We are very pleased with our progress and thank the knowledgeable and dedicated staff at Brooks, McGinnis for helping us prepare for growth and greater mission impact.”

Sharon Hill
Executive Director, Georgia Appleseed Center for Law and Justice